We bring exceptional value with our negotiating, marketing, and customer service skills. However, that is definitely not the biggest value we bring to the table. Tezoro was founded with the intention of being a business that is truly a force for good. The reason why we obsess about this is because we not only want our business to be profitable but more than anything fulfilling. We hope that through our effort of being a force for good we help and inspire our clients, other industry professionals, and everyone with whom we cross paths. This is what makes everything we do worthwhile.

Tezoro is a family owned and operated real estate sales and advising company founded in Denver, Colorado. Our team dominates both the English and Spanish language which is critical in a market where close to 22% of the population is Spanish speaking. Alan Rodriguez is from Puerto Rico, Aura Cruz is from Colombia. They attended Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida where they were fortunate to create a global network. All of these characteristics give Tezoro a national and global outreach. This has especially been valuable with the current market in the Denver Metropolitan Area that has experienced an influx of buyers from different states and countries.